EYFS Understanding the World

EYFS Understanding the World

A key part of Early Years learning is understanding the world, and we offer many different pieces of equipment to help children discover and learn new things.

Early Years Discovery Playground

Early Years Discovery Playground

Some of the equipment we provide for this stage of learning includes role play sets, sand boxes, water tables and many more items which teach about children's own surroundings.

Knowledge of the World

Knowledge of the World

It's important for children to know about the world around them, and the natural environment they live in, so using the different equipment can help with developing this knowledge.

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EYFS Understanding the World

There are many ways for nurseries to improve EYFS understanding of the world and we can provide equipment to help with this. As one of the main 7 learning outcomes for children up to the age of 5, it is crucial to include these activities in foundation stage teaching. Kids should develop a basic knowledge of people and environment around them. Many games and toys are available to help with this part of development, and we supply a variety of these products.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our experts today if you need some more information on the equipment and playground features that we have to offer. We would be happy to give some more information on prices and designs for anything you may need. Just fill in the enquiry box on this page to let us know what you're looking for and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Early Years Knowledge of the World

It's important for younger children to become familiar with what is around them, and understand the environment that they live in. Early Years knowledge of the world can cover a wide spectrum including places, materials, objects, plants and living creatures. Children should have the ability to identify differences in their own environments and other places, as well as observe changes in animals and plants.

We can build sensory gardens which contain a number of features to help kids get to know the natural environment and their surrounding areas. These spaces could include planting tubs with different flowers, musical instruments, sensory boards with a range of textures to feel, and even mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Look here http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/creative/ to see how the creative games can encourgae young children to use their imagination.

We could also install colourful playground markings for nearby nurseries closest to you which help with EYFS understanding the world. These could feature a number of unique designs including maps, the solar system, animals and many more different options. The coloured patterns are applied using thermoplastic and can be customised and fit into a variety of shapes for your early years in or other facility near me. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss the costs for any of these products.

Understanding People and Communities Near Me

Another part of young children learning about their environment is understanding people and local communities. Through development in this area, pupils should be able to talk about events in their own lives as well as those of their family members. There should be an understanding that other children have different personalities and interests to their own. Kids should also be learning about differences and similarities between individual people, communities and cultures.

One type of playground equipment which can help children to learn about people and communities is role play sets. These can include things like pretend shops, post offices and kitchens where kids can play and come up with different scenarios and roles. Activities like this allow children to understand different jobs that people might have, and how to communicate with others. If you would like to find out more about active games http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/active/ that encourage youngsters to play, speak to our team today. 

EYFS Discovery Playground 

Being able to discover new things is a key part of EYFS understanding the world activities. We can design and install an EYFS discovery playground featuring a range of different equipment. Things like sand pits http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/sand-pit/ creativity tables and mud kitchens allow kids to learn about the natural environment and and various materials. These games and activities are very popular with OFSTED as they are so diverse and give children a wide knowledge of their own world.

Technology in Early Years Foundation Stage

During EYFS, kids should be able to understand and use basic technology including electronic toys and computers. This can begin with babies and toddlers understanding movements and sounds made by different objects. Kids can then progress onto making toys work by pressing buttons, lifting flaps and using other simple mechanisms.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 will start to learn how computers work, and that they can provide information. They can then make use of simple programs and use software which is appropriate for their age. These skills are extremely important due to the large focus on technology in the modern world.

Other EYFS Outcomes We Offer

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