EYFS Statutory Framework

EYFS Statutory Framework

There are a number of skills and activities outlined in the EYFS Statutory Framework, and we provide equipment to help nurseries and schools to develop these.

Outdoor Learning Objectives

Outdoor Learning Objectives

Playing outside is an excellent way for children to improve their mental, physical and social skills by taking part in team games and educational activities.

Early Years Playground Designs

Early Years Playground Designs

A number of items including outdoor classrooms, interactive play panels and role play sets can be supplied and used during lessons or for play time games.

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EYFS Statutory Framework

We supply a wide range of products with regards to EYFS Statutory Framework covering many different skills. These different products are designed to help young kids with mental, physical and social development. Outdoor learning environments have many benefits within the early stages of education, so we offer equipment to maximise this.

Please fill in our contact form if you would like more information on all of the products we supply and the costs for each one. We would be happy to discuss your budget and help you decide on the best options for your nursery. Just let us know what you are looking for and how much you would like to spend so we can offer our expert advice.

EYFS Literacy Activities

There are plenty of EYFS literacy activities that children can take part in to begin developing this skill. Local outdoor features such as alphabet markings on the playground and phonics games can help the initial stages of reading and writing. By incorporating these things into fun games, the kids are more likely to remember what they have learnt.

Other things which can promote literacy in younger children include reading stories. We supply story time chairs and seating which can be set up in an outside space where teachers can read books to the kids. You can look here - http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/classrooms/ to see the range of equipment we have available which can improve your surrounding areas. 

EYFS Maths Objectives

When looking at EYFS maths objectives, different activities such as counting, simple addition and subtraction should be covered. This can also be taught through fun games using outdoor features such as hopscotch and number grids on the floor. Other equipment like abacuses and even role play shops help with developing basic skills in mathematics.

Children's Arts and Design Near Me

Being creative is a key part of the EYFS statutory framework and many different activities will help with developing this. Children's arts and design objectives involve exploring with a range of materials and offering their own ideas to create things.

Equipment which is commonly used for this could be creativity tables, painting boards and role play sets. These all allow under 5s to use their imaginations with building and making this or even putting together a role playing scenario with different characters and settings. Role play http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/role-play/ is a great way to support a child's imagination and development whilst in education.

Early Years Communication and Language

Speaking and listening are key parts of Early Years communication and language. It's important for young children to learn when to listen and when to speak up and offer their own ideas. Playground features including play boats, trains, activity panels and many other toys teach kids to communicate with each other and share.

This is a very important skill which should be taught from a young age to help kids become sociable and interact with others. We offer a variety of products and playground designs which promote children's development in this way. Feel free to get in touch with us through our contact box if you'd like to ask about what we can provide for your facility.

EYFS Understanding the World

For children in nearby EYFS understanding the world is a crucial part of learning outlines in the Statutory Framework. Specific activities are done to increase awareness of surroundings and the physical world. A range of activities designed to teach about people, places and technology can be incorporated into this learning outcome.

Pretend sets and role play equipment are excellent for developing this knowledge. These are often recommended by OFSTED inspectors as part of the framework for promoting specific skills. For example using make believe shops, mud kitchens, dens http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/den/ and post office play panels all help kids to develop and understanding of their local community and life in the world.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Another key outcome which children should learn during Early Years is personal, social and emotional development. Through this, kids should learn to develop positive relationships with others and understand their own emotions and how to manage them. This outcome also focuses on ensuring children know how to behave around others and how to show respect to classmates and teachers.

Playing games in groups and sharing equipment can help in this stage of learning with the EYFS Statutory Framework. The kids should know how to play nicely with others and share toys that they are using, as well as being inclusive to everyone.

EYFS Physical Development

Many types of playground equipment can contribute to EYFS physical development in nursery schools. At this age, kids closest to you should be focusing on coordination, control and movement. Features including trim trails, climbing frames and obstacle course near me are designed to help with this stage of learning.

As well as developing strength and agility, children should also be taught about health and food as an aspect of physical development. Making healthy choices when eating from a young age can contribute to healthier lifestyles in the future.

Other EYFS Outcomes We Offer

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If you would like some more information on each of these different statutory learning outcomes, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us today. There are many pieces of equipment and playground designs which we can supply to help you give pupils the best start in life. Children from birth to age 5 should be learning a number of fundamental skills, and we are here to help with providing this education.

Just fill in our contact box to speak with an expert on the different product we supply for EYFS Statutory Framework and we'll get back to you.


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