EYFS Communication and Language

EYFS Communication and Language

There are many activities which help to improve children's communication skills, we provide items such as den making kits and building blocks which kids can work together to build.

Nursery Story Time Areas

Nursery Story Time Areas

Telling stories is one way of developing children's language skills, we can install a story time seating area with various features to use for these activities.

Early Years Listening Skills

Early Years Listening Skills

By doing activities where they have to work together, children can understand the importance of listening to each other and following various instructions.

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EYFS Communication and Language

We supply equipment and playground features for EYFS communication and language at a range of facilities. These different items are designed to promote children's development in communicating with each other through fun games. Learning these skills is very important for young children as it lays foundations for future life. Different products such as role play resources, language games, den building equipment and many more can promote this stage of learning.

Please talk to one of our experts if you'd like some information on the costs for these items. We would be happy to talk through your budget and offer you an idea of prices for what you might need. As we have a wide selection of products available we can customise the play area design for you so you'll get the perfect set. Just fill in the contact box with your details and we'll reply back as soon as we can.

Early Years Speech and Language

Children can start developing basic speech and communication skills from as early as a few months after birth. During nursery this can be built upon to encourage kids to talk to others and voice their opinions, concerns and emotions. Using alphabet games and phonics helps to create a basic understanding of simple words which EYFS children can speak and understand. They can then begin to use past, present and future tenses to describe their own experiences and ask questions to others. 

We are able to install thermoplastic playground markings featuring alphabet snakes and phonics games. These can be used with a variety of activities, allowing kids to learn about each of the letters and sounds that they make. Other products such as play panels can also feature similar designs which are perfect for developing Early Years speech and language.

Communication for EYFS Near Me

Communication for EYFS is a crucial part of helping a child develop and grow. Youngsters begin to communicate and use literacy http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/literacy/ from an early age as this is how they can explain how they feel as well as make friendships. As specialists closest to you, we are able to offer you a range of communication games and markings which encourgae kids to learn new skills. Speak to us today if you are interested in finding out more information or ask any questions today. Please fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

EYFS Listening and Attention

One of the first parts of communication which could be learnt is EYFS listening and attention. This is vital as it teaches kids to listen to instructions and warnings, something which is important when it comes to safety and behaviour. Kids should be able to listen attentively to teachers, parents or classmates and understand what is being explained or asked.

Equipment which is used for improving communication on the nearby playground can include den making kits and other building based toys. If children have to follow instructions to build something in their surrounding areas, they will have to listen to what is being said and complete the right actions to follow. Many group activities can develop this skill as well because kids need to pay attention to other people's opinions and understand questions. 

Feel free to contact our local experts today if you are interested in any of the different products we can provide. Just fill in the enquiry box on this page to let us know what you need and we'll reply back to discuss this with you.

Nursery Story Time Equipment

Reading stories is a key part of children's learning development, particularly when it comes to EYFS communication and language. We supply nursery story time equipment which typically includes one large chair for a teacher and several smaller seats for children. These items could be installed to an outdoor area to create a special story telling space. Activities like this help young pupils to listen and understand what the teacher is reading and how the written words translate into sounds. This also provides imaginative play http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/imaginative/ and allows youngsters to create new and exciting games. 

The timber seating products http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/seating/ are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different organisations. They are ideal for use in grassy areas as the wooden material gives a natural appearance. Playground furniture like this is also perfect for many other outdoor learning activities which are recommended by OFSTED inspectors. This is because they provide an engaging and diverse learning space outside the classroom.

Other EYFS Outcomes We Offer

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Be sure to contact our experienced team today for more information on the range of products we offer for speaking and listening activities. We have worked with many nurseries and schools to provide diverse equipment which is designed to improve language skills from a young age. Please complete the enquiry form on this page to discuss prices for products to develop EYFS communication and language at your facility.


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