Early Years PSED Activities

Early Years PSED Activities

As specialist playground equipment suppliers, we can provide a number of products which help to develop children's personal, social and emotional skills during Early Years.

EYFS Social Play

EYFS Social Play

It is good for children to socialise with others from a young age, and equipment like playhouses and seating areas are great for making friends through fun activities.

Emotional Development Activities

Emotional Development Activities

By playing games and sharing equipment with others, children learn how to interact and manage their behaviour in different situations.

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Early Years PSED Activities

We have many products which are ideal for Early Years PSED activities at nurseries and other facilities. This stage of learning is also known as EYFS personal, social and emotional development as it focuses on children developing relationships and understanding each other's feelings. A variety of playground equipment is available to help develop these skills including den building sets, role play shops, mud kitchens and trim trails. Kids can learn about sharing with each other and work as a team to improve their social skills using these items.

To find out more about any of the products we supply, please fill in the quick contact box and let us know what you need. One of our experts in will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about the costs and different designs that are available.

Improve Children's Relationships on the Playground Near Me

It is common for teachers to look at how to improve children's relationships on the playground when it comes to play and activity. Using interactive pieces of equipment in EYFS outdoor play can encourage kids to build friendships and communicate with each other. Popular products include timber playground seating, ships, building panels, wooden cabins and sand pits, all of which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Each of these encourages children to play co-operatively as well as taking account of different ideas to organise the game or activity.

One of the most common sorts of playground installations in your surrounding area is trim trail equipment and surfaces. Trim trails are great when space is restricted as they can include rope bridges, ladders and logs to improve co-ordination, muscular strength along with other physical skills however can also include things like numbers, letters and games to enhance interaction and understanding. Children can play on these together and help each other to get through the various obstacles, creating positive and happy relationships. You can look here - http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/creative/ to see the range of creative activities we have available which can improve your nearys EYFS. 

We can work within a variety of area sizes and budgets to guarantee that all the nearby schools and nurseries which we work with will have a playground which can benefit children throughout the school day. When taking part in Early Years PSED activities, the use of equipment offers a more diverse learning experience.

EYFS Social Play

It's important for young children to take part in EYFS social play so that they understand how to engage and interact properly with others. Learning how to behave appropriately around different people is a key part of personal, social and emotional development. By taking part in these activities from a young age, kids can grasp this more easily and take it into future life. These activities can involve a range of different features including arts http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/arts/ and languages which can develop their education and engagement. 

We would like to help young people in Early Years Foundation Stage to enhance their active learning and development within these different playground equipment to prepare them for future years. By incorporating the physical and mental development of children with exterior play and interaction, it promotes the introduction of key skills at a early age. 

Taking a look at the exterior areas in other schools and nurseries can be very beneficial in figuring out what's required for your EYFS including what will and will not work. For people who have a large tarmacadam space, you might want to split this up into portions to cover all aspects of learning together with physical development. If you would like to promote a facility closest to you, which will help raise social connections it’d certainly be a wise idea to build a gazebo and an eating area with chairs and tables.

Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Another key aspect of PSED for Early Years is managing feelings and behaviour. This involves children talking about their own personal emotions and behaviours, as well as those of other people. It's also important for kids to learn about behaviour which is unacceptable, and the consequences of these actions. Equipment such as den building kits help to teach about group work, and outdoor play also offers and understanding of changes in behaviour in different situations.

Developing an environment that is fresh and creates some new possibilities every day allows young children to produce key skills during EYFS and allow them to have a good start in their life. The opportunities for this installation are endless and you may constantly alter and adapt the recreational area to suit the needs of your nursery. We can provide a range of options and products which will suit your local facility and budget, allowing you to completely customise the design for PSED learning.

EYFS Self Confidence Development 

Having good self awareness is a key skill which children pick up from a young age. This is also related to EYFS self confidence development, and both of these can be improved through a range of activities. During this stage of learning, kids are confident enough to try out new activities and decide which ones they prefer. They can also take part in group discussions and express their own ideas as well as choosing what equipment they need for a particular activity.

Products such as storytime seating areas can help to develop this as they can also be used for discussing certain topics in groups or as a whole class. Drama stages and role play equipment http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/role-play/ also help with improving self confidence as children can put on performances and play different roles as their own made up characters. There are also certain toys and items which kids could use independently, and be confident enough to ask for help if needed.

Other EYFS Outcomes We Offer

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