EYFS Expressive Arts

EYFS Expressive Arts

Outdoor equipment such as painting boards and role play sets can encourage children to express themselves through art and design, we offer a number of products for this.

Imaginative Playground Equipment

Imaginative Playground Equipment

Different features such as play ships, drama stages and mud kitchens can inspire children to make up their own games, scenes and characters.

Early Years Creative Development

Early Years Creative Development

Allowing kids to be creative is an important part of EYFS development, and this can involve many activities such as drama performances, artistic design and imaginative games.

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EYFS Expressive Arts and Design

Different establishments can use a range of equipment for EYFS expressive arts and design to develop children's skills. This is the part of the 7 learning which focuses on creativity and imaginative play, encouraging kids to use their own ideas and make up games. A number of activities can be covered including role play, painting, art and crafts, drama and many more. We supply a number of products such as playhouses, ships, play panels, mud kitchens and creativity boards which can all be used with these activities.

You can get in touch with our team today to discuss the costs of these different items. Just compete the contact box on this page and let us know which designs and equipment you are interested in for your nursery or Early Years organisation. We'll get back to you as soon as we can to offer our professional advice.

Exploring Media and Materials Near Me

One of the most fundamental parts of expressive arts is exploring media and materials to develop and initial understanding. This could be done through singing songs, making music and dancing in a variety of ways. Kids can also learn about different textures, materials and colours as well as using tools like paintbrushes and pens to create pictures. These activities are outlined in the Statutory Framework http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/imaginative/ for EYFS and are also encouraged by OFSTED.

We have a wide range of creative media and materials which may be used in the playground to further this level of development. Things like musical instruments and painting boards in your surrounding areas are perfect as they allow Early Years kids to use unique ideas and make whatever they like. There is no right or wrong answer with these games and it is completely up to each child what sound they want to make or picture they want to paint.

EYFS Imaginative Playground

Using imagination is one of the most important parts of EYFS art and design objectives. This involves kids coming up with their own ideas for games and things to make. They can use the materials and media they have learnt about for specific purposes and in original ways. Developing new ideas when using musical instruments, art and crafts, dancing and storytelling is another use for this.

We are able to create an EYFS imaginative playground closest to you using many types of expressive equipment. Look here - http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/imaginative/ to find out more information regarding imaginative play within local EYFS. Popular products include nearby sand pits, channels and tunneling, den building, role play sets, drama stages and art boards. We can also supply storage furniture where smaller toys and pieces of equipment can be stored away safely when not in use. These also double up as benches and chairs to be used in a number of other activities.

Early Years Creative Development

Allowing children to make their own designs and create something from them is a key part of Early Years creative development. This can be done through drawing pictures as well as using building blocks to create houses, castles and anything else you can think of. We supply a variety of playground building materials including den making kits which kids can play with together in group activities to build dens.

Other activities could be carried out using a range of materials such as paper, card, foam, felt and many others. Kids can experiment with using different fabrics and colours to make individual creations using any ideas they want. This allows them to use all their senses http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/sensory/ and learn in a range of ways. 

To find out more about our products including outdoor creativity tables and musical instruments please contact us today. Our team will be happy to advise you on the prices and designs that we can offer.

Nursery Imagination Activities

There are many nursery imagination activities which are part of the EYFS expressive arts and design outcomes. Local organisations could choose to have things like role play shops, mud kitchens and dramatic arts stages where kids can play different roles and make up scenes. These could even incorporate a range of costumes and props where children can dress up as a variety of characters.

Other imaginative games could involve music and expressive dance as well as making up stories with imaginary locations and settings. There are no restrictions on how each piece of equipment could be used as it completely depends on the children's own imaginations.

Other EYFS Outcomes We Offer

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