Trim Trail

Trim Trail

Trim trails can be perfect for a range of facilities across the UK including nurseries, EYFS, schools and parks, to help children learn.

Wooden Play Structures

Wooden Play Structures

Wooden play structures are a great way to improve how children learn and develop as they can better their physical education, as well as their imagination.

Fitness Trails

Fitness Trails

As specialists, we are able to install the fitness trails designed to meet your specifications and individual needs. Let us know if you would like to find out more and speak to our professionals.

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Trim Trail

It is not uncommon for a school, park or nusery to install a trim trail to improve the area and offer more activities to the children. They are normally made using timber and can contribute to developing numerous skills for children. The most obvious skills that are developed when children make use of this equipment is physical skills. Since the kids will be actively using the apparatus they will be using energy and completing fitness activities in a fun and enjoyable way. 

If you're interested in having a trim trail installed, then please complete the contact form provided on this page and a member of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. We may offer you a free quotation and additional advice on the different options we have got available. We also have a range of other outdoor facilities available including timber classrooms which can help imrpove the ways in which children learn in the outdoors. Please get in touch now if you've got any questions regarding the equipment we have available and we'll reply right away. 

Trim Trails for EYFS Near Me

There are a number of benefits to installing trim trails for EYFS. One benefit would be that they encourage children to take part in physical activity. This then heps to combat childhood obesity and allows children to develop their physical skills. Another advantage of these assault courses is that the kids learn to play together and help each other around the course, which helps to improve their communication and social skills. Ofsted bodies also look for trim trails in schools since they are perfect for child development. In the event you have this play structure installed, you are likely to get a better score from Ofsted.

We can install the fitness structures to meet your individual needs and requirements, so if you've got any specific requests please do not hesitate to let us know. Our local team nearby you can offer the very best apparatus for your school at low cost rates closest to your budget. We can also offer surface installation beneath the trim trails and in surrounding areas to create a safer area for kids to play in.

What is a Trim Trail?

A trim trail is a piece of equipment that children play on to improve various skills. The trail usually consists of different structures to give children diversity when making use of the apparatus and fitness can be incorporated within the equipment, since the trails are set up like mini assault courses. The main aim for this kind of apparatus is to help children improve a number of skills including strength, coordination, balance and agility. Some activities found within a trim trail include stepping logs, ladders, rope bridges, balancing beams and tunnels. This creates a fun station for kids to enjoy whilst learning and exploring. 

The obstacles can be altered to meet the needs of the children that are intended to use the apparatus. Obviously a play structure for a nursery will not require the same obstacles as what would be needed for a junior school. Our team of professionals can talk you through the various options available and offer advice on what would be best for your school. To find out more about what a trim trail is and how the obstacles can be altered to meet the children at your EYFS establishment, please complete the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wooden Play Structures

It's highly recommended to have wooden play structures installed, especially at schools and nurseries as it allows kids to learn and play at the same time. Climbing structures and balancing beams are great for developing skills and improving fitness levels. The great thing about trim trails is that a number of skills can be improved due to the various obstacles involved in the wooden play structures. To find out more about the play structures we have available, such as monkey bars, click here - or speak to our specialists today. 

Fitness Trails Near Me

When looking to buy fitness trails it is important that you get a professional team to complete the installation. If you do not get professionals to fit the trails you may find that the obstacles and structures are not safe for the children to play on. Our team work hard to make certain that all of the equipment we install meets various safety requirements. Our main goal is to keep the users safe and install the equipment to the best standard.

Along with the installation of equipment for fitness trails, we can also install safety surfacing for the area. This could consist of wetpour rubber safety surfacing, rubber mulch or even grass mats. It is entirely up to you what you wish to have installed beneath the play structures, but we would be happy to offer advice if you need it.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We are specialists in installing outdoor fitness equipment and we can alter designs and specifications to meet individual needs and requirements. The trim trails that we install are great for improving children's fitness due to the various obstacles and activities available. We also offer calisthenic equipment for a range of schools and EYFS across the UK who are looking to improvie their surrounding areas. Our team can offer top installations since we only make use of top quality equipment. 

The price of outdoor fitness equipment for trim trails can vary depending on the structures that you choose to have installed and the size of the area. Obviously if you have a bigger area to fill, you will either need more equipment or larger equipment - this can make the trim trails more expensive. The different structures will not be the same price either; some will be significantly cheaper than others. It is clear that a few stepping logs will not be the same price as a turning balancing beam or other equipment. We will look into your spending budget and make certain that you get the best outdoor fitness equipment for a price you can afford.

Other Equipment We Supply

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