Garden Planters

Garden Planters

We supply garden planters for EYFS across the UK to allow children to learn new skills and develop in their learning.

Wooden Planters

Wooden Planters

It is important that children have the ability to learn and develop in a range of locations across so they can learn new things whilst furthering their education.

Raised Flower Beds

Raised Flower Beds

If you are interested in adding new features to your EYFS facility, we are on hand to give you all the right information and details to provide you with what you are looking for.

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Garden Planters

We supply garden planters for schools, nurseries and various other areas. The great thing about garden planters is that they can help children learn new things, since they can take part in gardening and learn about plants and flowers. These skills are perfect for children, as they are brought together and learn to help one another throughout the process. 

If you'd like more information on the supply of garden planters in your school, please complete the enquiry form provided on this page and we shall reply at the earliest opportunity. Our expert team will be pleased to answer any questions or queries you may have on the plant-beds that we have to offer so please contact us now for additional details.

Garden Plant Containers

We offer garden plant containers in a range of different designs depending on your individual needs and requirements. You can decide on wooden plant-beds, metal ones and various others. We offer these in a variety of different colours to suit your colour scheme and preferences. The plant containers are great for schools and nurseries, because they may persuade children to take an interest in gardens. 

Garden plant containers also make the area look a lot more attractive. This is perfect for Ofsted visits, as these are the types of things inspection bodies will be looking for. To learn more about the containers that we supply, please get in touch with our professionals today using the contact form provided on our page.

Raised Beds Near Me

A number of schools across the United Kingdom purchase raised beds to improve children's outdoor skills and help them learn about the lifestyle of plants. The raised beds that we install come in numerous shapes and sizes depending on your individual requirements. Similar to mud kitchens, garden planters are able to help kids interact with others whilst in the outdoors. 

If you're looking for a local company to supply the raised beds, our experts can help. We are a nationwide company who work nearby you and in surrounding areas. We will present you with numerous different options and then choose the one that is closest to your demands. 

Wooden Planters

Wooden planters are a popular choice for many schools closest to you. These are cost effective planters that are long lasting and durable in any weather conditions. A number of factors can alter the price of wooden planters including the size of the bed, the height, the material used and how many you are buying. It is not uncommon for a school to get discount if they are buying a large amount of plant-beds. 

There are many advantages to wooden plant beds, one being that they fit better outside as they look more natural and another being that they're quite cheap when compare to other flower beds. Another may be that they could help a child's education. As children are beginning to use maths through counting and numbers, having a flower bed is a fun way for youngsters to use these skills. Get in touch with us today to find out more information. 

Tall Planters Near Me

We have tall planters for sale too. These are available in a number of materials and various sizes to suit your requirements. The tall plant-beds are great for gardening, because the children won't have to bend down as much to plant the flowers. This makes the experience much more enjoyable and the kids will be more likely to take part again. 

Some people argue that tall beds also look a lot better and give a more attractive appearance to the whole area. You may want to mix up the design with raised beds of different heights - our team can offer expert advice on how to lay out your area and can offer specialist design services if necessary.

Raised Garden Bed

If you're wanting to buy a raised garden bed for your school, nursery or garden, our professionals can provide the very best prices. We aim to make certain that the children and adults are happy with the products and we will give you the greatest value for money. Our products are durable and long lasting so you do not have to keep buying the plant beds. We may offer details on how you can extend the life of your raised beds, so please get in touch if you wish to speak to a member of our team.

When looking at placing a raised garden bed within your EYFS, you may start to consider how the features can impact the youngsters. We believe that installing a planter to your facility will improve a child's imagination as kids are able to create a range of designs whilst learning about nature. As specialists we are able to provide you with a range of benefits of placing a garden bed in your surrounding areas. 

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If you'd like more information on garden planters and the cost of this equipment, please contact our staff now; all you need to do is complete the contact form provided and we shall get back to you right away. We are happy to give you everything you need to know in order to get the results you are looking for. 


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