EYFS Sand Play Equipment

EYFS Sand Play Equipment

Sandboxes are very popular in school playgrounds as they can be used for sensory activities, we supply these in a variety of shapes and designs.

Children's Sandbox Supplier

Children's Sandbox Supplier

We are able to supply sand pit equipment for schools and nurseries, and these help children to develop a range of physical and mental skills.

Sand Play Ideas

Sand Play Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sand pits in the playground, children could build sandcastles, use cups to measure it out, or even use it as a pretend beach.

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EYFS Sand Play Equipment

There are many ways to use EYFS sand play equipment and we supply these products for a variety of uses. During Early Years, sensory activities are key for many areas of development. Playing with sand is a diverse sensory activity as children can feel it in their hands, build things out of it, dig into it and do loads of other fun things too. Our sand boxes are available in a number of sizes and shapes, with different pieces of equipment depending on what you need.

One of our local experts would be happy to help if you have any questions about these products and their costs. All you need to do is fill in the contact box and let us know what you're looking for so we can get back in touch.

School Playground Sandbox Near Me

A nearby school playground sandbox is a diverse piece of equipment which promotes many areas of child development. Scooping and pouring the sand into different containers helps with hand eye coordination and overall muscle strength. Physical activities like this can even have other benefits like improving handwriting skills as children get stronger arm and hand muscles.

During Early Years, kids start learning how to interact appropriately with others. As the sandboxes closest to you come with toys like buckets and spades, this encourages children to share and let everyone have a turn with each different thing. Developing social skills is a key part of EYFS learning, and any activity where pupils play together and share will help to promote this. You could even bury things which have to be dug up to create a fun discovery game. When playing in sand boxes, kids are able to create new designs and develop their art http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/arts/ skills which can help youngsters find hobbies they enjoy. 

Sand Play Table

As well as improving social and physical skills, a sand play table could also be used for academic activities like maths. The children can learn about measurements and scales by using different sized cups and measuring jugs when playing in the sandbox. You could even turn it into a challenge and have them guess how much sand is in a bucket and then measure it to find out the answer. This then adds an element of competition to make the game more fun and exciting.

Our products come as different shaped wooden boxes and can include a variety of extra toys and equipment. They could even double as drama stages as the lid can be closed on top, leaving a strong and sturdy surface. EYFS sand play equipment allows kids to explore a range of textures and materials, so it's very beneficial for development of fine motor skills. Many schools and nursery facilities will have products like this along with water tables http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/water/ which are used for similar activities.

Early Years Tactile Learning

Using activity tables like this is a great way to promote tactile learning on the playground. Being outdoors is very beneficial for health and concentration as many children find it easier to focus when they spend time outside. Tactile activities involve learning through physical actions rather than sitting and listening or watching a teacher. Touching and handling a range of materials is one way to develop coordination as well as an understanding of different textures. The outdoor sandboxes are ideal for this type of activity, and having them outside of the classroom means there is no need to worry about mess.

Be sure to contact us for more details on all of the products that we supply. Whether you have a large or small playground space in your surrounding area, we can find the right features for you.

Sand Play Ideas

If you need some new sand play ideas for your EYFS playground in your surrounding area, we can offer plenty of advice. A sandbox is perfect for creative and imaginative games as it can be sculpted into shapes to make a scene with castles or mountains. Children could then make up stories and characters to put into the scenery they have created. There are also lots of ways to incorporate tactile play as kids will be able to mould the sand with their hands, then push it down and break it up when they want to make something new. Sandboxes are also able to help children develop their emotions http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/emotional/ and learn ways in which they can play with others. 

The sandpits are designed to encourage sensory development in Early Years Foundation Stage, as well as enabling social interaction. Let your pupils choose how they want to use the equipment, and they will be learning and acquiring skills as they play. These products are made to be long lasting and resilient so they're ideal for outdoor play and everyday use. It's totally up to you and your pupils what activities you want to use it for, and it can be customised for any specific lessons or learning outcomes.

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You can get in touch with us straight away for more information on costs and designs of these playground sandboxes. Depending the size and type of product you would like, the prices can vary but we are sure there will be something to suit your budget. Having EYFS sand play equipment for your school is perfect for enhancing physical, social and cognitive skills. Just fill in the contact form and tell us what you are looking for so one of our experts can get back to you and discuss this further.


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