Den Building Kit

Den Building Kit

Making dens is a great way for children to develop communication skills and be imaginative, we offer many diverse playground products for these activities.

Den Making Equipment

Den Making Equipment

There are many types of equipment available for making a den in the playground, and these come in many shapes and sizes to suit both nurseries and schools.

Children's Building Toys

Children's Building Toys

Building and making things helps children to develop important physical skills as well as encouraging them to be sociable and interact appropriately with others.

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Den Building Kit

If you are looking for a top quality den building kit we supply these in many different designs. They will generally come as a set with a variety of features and shapes that fit together to create an outdoor structure. This can consist of blocks, panels and sheets which can be arranged and set up in lots of ways. Doing these kinds of activities is great for children's creative development and problem solving skills. Kids will have to work together to build the den and figure out the best materials to use for each part.

Contact us today to find out more on the kits that we have available, or any of the other products we supply. Tell us how much you would like to spend and we'll do our best to find the right equipment which is cost effective for you.

Den Making Equipment

Our range of den making equipment is perfect for building different sized structures which children can design themselves. This is a great outdoor activity which enhances personal, social and emotional development in nearby EYFS. Kids have to take turns in using the equipment, and communicate with each other to decide what they are going to make. It also helps with physical skills as they are lifting things and fitting pieces together with their fingers. Strengthening up arm and hand muscles in this way even contributes to developing handwriting techniques.

Depending on the age group, we supply many products which are suitable for variety of abilities. If this is for a local nursery a more basic den building kit might be supplied, whereas a more challenging set may be better for older pupils in primary school. It's totally up to what you need and how much you have to spend, so don't hesitate to ask for more advice from our team. Not all educational lessons need to be taught in a classroom as there are a range of fun and exciting ways in which you can learn. You can find out more about outdoor classrooms here - or you can speak to our specialists today. 

How to Make a Den Near Me

When looking at how to make a den closest to you, our specialists are on hand to provide you with all the equipment and tools to ensure you get the results you require. When producing a den we follow these simple steps:

  1. Discuss with you the size of the den
  2. Find the location where you would like it to be created
  3. Provide all the equipment for the design

We understand that part of the fun of a den is making it which is why provide all the tools and equipment in ordeR for the youngsters to produce the play area. This helps children become creative and use their imagination. If you would like to find out more information, speak to our team today. We are happy to give you everything you need to know as well as the equipment in order to produce the best den in your surrounding areas. 

Making a Den Near Me 

When it comes to making a den, there are no rules to follow and the process can be as simple or complex as the children make it. It also depends on whether you are looking to create something in a single lesson, or have dens which could be added to over time. If you build something which may be continuously developed, the kids will learn more from the activity and improve it as their skills grow. Our den building kits are suitable for outdoor use so they can be made into big elaborate shapes. Being involved in outdoor activities has many benefits for children's health so it's good to encourage this wherever possible.

If you are interested in the den building kit for your school or nursery please don't hesitate to contact us. We have diverse range of products which are designed to stimulate children's minds and encourage development of many important skills. Fill in the enquiry form to find out more about all of the specifications and designs we can provide. We offer a range of products which can improve the education of youngsters within the EYFS. This can include maths games as well as a den building kit. 

Children's Building Toys

There are many benefits of having children's building toys in the playground. These encourage children to use their imaginations and respect each other's ideas. It also boosts problem solving skills as they will have to discuss issues between themselves and come up with the best ways to fix them. Activities like this will enhance physical skills as they are moving and handling different pieces of equipment and having control over where to put them.

Building structures on the playground promotes positive relationships and teaches kids to manage feelings and behaviour. Working in groups requires pupils to understand other people's feelings and opinions, so den building is a great way to practise this. In addition to building the overall structure, the kids could also decorate it with whatever they want to make it personalised. It could even be incorporated with other pieces of the equipment in the playground like climbing frames or play ships.

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