Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms

Installing outdoor classrooms is a great way to get children to interact and learn in their outdoor surrounding areas.

Early Years Outdoor Learning

Early Years Outdoor Learning

The timber outdoor classrooms are a great way for early years to learn new skills and develop their education, whilst outdoors.

Eco Learning Classrooms

Eco Learning Classrooms

Not only will the outdoor classrooms improve the children's development, but also improve your aesthetics in your surrounding area.

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Outdoor Classroom

Installing an outdoor classroom is a great way to get children outdoors and learning. It has been found that taking part in activities outdoors can help to improve children's skills and helps them to learn more. An external classroom can get children more involved in lessons and make the lesson as a whole a lot more exciting, as they will not be sat in their usual spaces inside.

Our team install top quality timber classrooms that are durable and long lasting in various weather conditions. As specialists in the industry, we only make use of premium materials and specialist equipment, which means you can be sure that our installations will be completed to the very best standard and will last a long time. We offer great value for money and will not be beaten on a like for like quote.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the external classrooms we may install in your area and surrounding areas. Please leave your questions and queries in the contact box provided on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to any concerns you have.

Outdoor Classrooms for Schools Near Me

The outdoor classrooms for schools which we can install can be created using specialist timber which is great for outdoors. Not only does this provide a durbale, hard wearing facility, but the rooms also look visually appealing. This makes it great for kids who will be making use of the area. Our outdoor classrooms for schools also offer shelter for the kids and the teacher, so they can be used in different weather conditions. 

Another great thing about outdoor classrooms for schools is that this is something that Ofsted will be looking for. Ofsted like to look for things that offer variety within children's learning. External classrooms are a great way to mix up children's learning and improve various skills like adaptability. If you have any questions about the learning rooms that we install for outdoors please speak to us now using the enquiry form.

Early Years Outdoor Learning

The timber classrooms we install are great for early years outdoor learning. EYFS students may find it difficult to learn new things when in their normal classroom all day long, that's why it is great to have facilities installed like these learning buildings for outside. As specialists within the industry we know the best way to create the rooms and what children and teachers will like. When teaching kids about subjects such as the environment and the world http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/world/ it may be best to do this in the outdoors where you can be more active. 

Our main aim is to make certain that both teachers and students are happy with the learning room for outdoors. We will listen to your thoughts and incorporate your ideas within the installation so that your individual requirements are met. You may be looking for a local company to carry out the construction; since we work nationwide, we are sure to have a professional nearby who can offer the installation services at a great price.

Eco Classroom Ideas Near Me

Before installing your learning room for outside, you will need to have a design or an idea of what you want the facility to look like. We have a number of eco classroom ideas for you to look through and we would be more than happy for you to incorporate your own designs. We are able to alter our existing designs and specifications in order to meet your individual needs and requirements. When learning outside, children are able to use a wider range of their senses http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/learning/sensory/ which can help them get more involved with their work. 

The rooms that are installed for EYFS children may differ to those installed for older students. We will take into account the age of the children and the things that need to be taught within the classroom before designing and installing the rooms. For more details on eco learning rooms for schools, please contact our staff by filling in our contact form that we have available.

Outdoor Classrooms Grants

Since these rooms can offer a number of benefits when it comes to children's education, you may be able to get outdoor classrooms grants. Before you apply for funding it might be a good idea to receive a quote for the installation of these rooms so that you know how much money you would require. Grants are often given to schools to improve facilities within the school that will help the children learn better. Due to the fact that Ofsted look for things like these external classrooms, you are likely to receive a grant.

Many factors can alter the outdoor classroom prices. You will need to take this into consideration prior to applying for grants. One of the factors that can cause the cost of these rooms to increase is the size required. Obviously the bigger the room, the more costly the installing process is going to be. The design chosen will also affect the price. For more details regarding the cost of construction, please get in touch now using the enquiry form.

Outdoor Classroom Buildings

There are a number of outdoor classroom buildings available and we aim to offer you the very best value for money whilst getting closest to your requirements when it comes to the design. The buildings are generally installed using timber to create a more natural look which will make children want to get involved. Whether you are using your outdoor classrooms for educational lessons such as languages http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/language/ or for fun activites, we are able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Simply talk to our team today to find out everything you will need to know. 

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