EYFS Playground Specialists in Aberdeen

EYFS Playground Specialists in Aberdeen

We are expert installers of playground equipment for Early Years facilities such as nurseries and kindergartens, creating fun and educational outdoor spaces for kids to enjoy.

Early Years Play Equipment in Aberdeen

Early Years Play Equipment in Aberdeen

There are a wide variety of different products available for fun activities and educational outdoor learning, these can all help to improve children's development in many ways.

Outdoor Learning Facilities in Aberdeen

Outdoor Learning Facilities in Aberdeen

It's important for kids to take part in outdoor games and activities to improve their physical and mental skills, we offer plenty of diverse products to help with this.

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EYFS Playground Specialists in Aberdeen

Taking learning outside of the early childhood classroom helps children establish healthy and active lifestyles. Create interesting outdoor locations with resources that are appropriate for outdoor play use.

As EYFS playground specialists in Aberdeen AB15 5 we provide a range of products and equipment for outdoor play spaces, and our experts can offer advice and create an exciting playground space for your facility.

These can be for nurseries and kindergartens to give kids a chance to participate in a wide variety of activities. Innovative and educational features allow young children to be autonomous learners and choose where to participate.

There are plenty of options available if you'd like to create an exciting playground space for Early Years children. Do not hesitate to contact our experts today to find out more about everything we have to offer. O course, prices will vary depending on what you choose to have, but we will offer some ideas to help you stick within your budget.


Outdoor Play and Learning

For children under 5, it is essential to have a range of outdoor play and learning opportunities. Taking part in activities outside helps stimulate children's brains more and makes it easier to take things they have learned. Many nurseries and schools have outdoor equipment for a range of games and educational lessons. These can include planters and a range of other fun, role-play activities for children to play. 

Everyday items ideal for an outdoor learning environment include letter and number markings, assorted activity panels, world maps and creativity tables. By using these, and many other products, kids can learn through having fun, meaning that there are better information retentions.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage covers children's learning from birth to 5 years old. These ages belong in a crucial stage in developing many fundamental skills, including cognitive, physical and social development. In addition, children in this age group can use various toys and outdoor equipment to grow in many different ways.

EYFS organisations such as nurseries and kindergartens can choose various products to include in the play area—these range from physical climbing structures and roleplay set to educational activity panels and colourful floor markings. EYFS playground specialists design each one of these to promote development in a variety of ways.

You can look here to learn more about the range of physical activities we have available and how they can benefit you. To speak with our team today and find out more about everything we offer, please fill in the contact form on this page.

EYFS Playground Games in Aberdeen

There are many EYFS playground games which children can play to improve their social skills and learn important lessons. For example, using role-play shops teaches kids how to share and work well with others. These also promote understanding of the world by giving younger kids an insight into different parts of adult life.

Many of the outdoor games which nurseries in Aberdeen AB15 5 provide include basic English and maths activities. These activities could be through floor marking designs with numbers and letters, helping kids learn about the alphabet and numbers 1-10. 

Playgrounds Are Extensions to Classrooms Near Me

Many teachers believe that playgrounds are extensions to classrooms, and we agree with this. There may be endless opportunities when it comes to outdoor learning for children of all ages. Studies have shown that learning outside helps kids to retain information and learn more effectively.

Learning outside is something that OFSTED promotes to encourage schools and nurseries to improve educational outdoor play. Look here to see how you can enhance the education of youngsters through a range of activities.

These activities can help kids grasp the seven outcomes, including literacy, maths, understanding the world, physical development, arts, communication, and personal development. Each of these could be improved by using different equipment and games in the nearby playground.

Play Area Learning Environments

When creating play area learning environments in Aberdeen AB15 5 you will need to consider many factors. First, it is crucial to decide which educational outcomes you want to focus on to choose the correct equipment. There are many products available that cover various aspects of learning, including group play and exercise, coordination, social interaction, and role play.

Each of these offers many benefits for younger children when developing fundamental skills. The kids can use their imaginations when using the products to create fun games, meaning that they learn by working together.

If you are looking to develop a diverse EYFS playground, our team can offer plenty of advice to help you. Please fill in our contact box today to discuss the costs of everything that we provide.


Innovative Education Play

We can supply a wide range of toys and equipment for kids to enjoy when playing outside. These focus on critical activities for children such as climbing, balancing, role-playing and experimenting with popular items include jungle gyms, obstacle courses, outdoor stages and sand pits which can all be used for many local fun activities.

These are all different forms of creative education play where kids learn through playing and make up their games. This helps to stimulate their imaginations and promote creativity with learning. 

EYFS Wooden Equipment Near Me

One popular style of product that we offer is EYFS wooden equipment, which is available in many designs. Some options include slides, ships, timber furniture, trim trails and playhouses. These may be used by kids of different ages when developing social skills and communication and physical agility, and strength.

The wooden features are long-lasting and are designed to fit into existing grass areas and woodland spaces due to their natural appearance. As EYFS playground specialists closest to you in your surrounding area, we offer plenty of choices when it comes to this timber equipment, so do not hesitate to ask if you're interested in any games.

Is outdoor learning a kind of pedagogy?

Outdoor learning is a pedagogical strategy for enhancing learning, increasing school engagement, and improving student health and well-being. Outdoor learning became a regular part of the curriculum in schools.

What is the difference between outdoor education and outdoor learning?

Outdoor education is simply experiential learning in the great outdoors. The term "outdoor education," on the other hand, is frequently used to refer to a number of organized activities that take place in mostly outdoor settings in a number of ways.

When children play and explore in a wide outdoor space, they engage in creative activities that engage the imagination like building a mud kitchen.

Outdoor learning encompasses a wide range of activities such as exploration, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world, and participating in environmental and adventure activities. Outdoor learning encompasses more than adventure sports or simply bringing what might occur indoors to the outdoors.

Early Years Resources in Aberdeen

There are many Early Years resources available if you are looking to improve your outdoor learning space. OFSTED inspectors will often look for imaginative and educational areas outside of the classroom as these have many benefits for young children.

You can make a big difference to your play area by adding a few features such as activity panels, educational surface markings and role playsets.

Other Services We Offer


These allow kids to use their creativity and learn by playing with others and making new friends.

Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about the products and services we offer. Our EYFS playground specialists in Aberdeen AB15 5 will advise you on the costs for everything we provide, so do not hesitate to ask.

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