Role Play Playground Equipment

Role Play Playground Equipment

We supply a range of products including pretend shops, pirate ships and story time areas for children's playgrounds to use with various activities.

Pretend Play Ideas

Pretend Play Ideas

Playing make believe and pretend games is great for helping kids to develop their imagination and creativity as well as working together to come up with new ideas.

Nursery Role Playing Games

Nursery Role Playing Games

Children in nurseries can enjoy a range of exciting games by using these unique features during outdoor learning and break times with their friends.

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Role Play Playground Equipment

If you're looking for role play playground equipment we have a range of products which are perfect for these activities. Some of the most popular items we supply include mud kitchens, drama stages, pirate ships and pretend shops. Kids can use their imaginations to create different roles and scenarios when playing with these. It is a great way of improving communication as well as expressive arts development and language skills through fun games. 

Feel free to contact our local friendly team today if you need some more advice on what we offer for nurseries and schools. Outdoor learning is a great way for young children to establish many important skills, and you can choose from a wide range of products to support this. Just complete the enquiry form to get in touch with us so we can advise you on the prices and specifications that are available.

Pretend Play Ideas

Playing make believe games is very beneficial for kids of all ages as it helps to develop their imagination and creativity. There are lots of pretend play ideas which teachers and parents can use to make these activities even more fun. With innovative equipment such as a role playing shop, each child can be a different character like a shopkeeper or customer, and follow their own story. This also helps with understanding the world as younger kids can learn about specific job roles, and how to behave in public places.

The aim of most outdoor play equipment is designed to get children ready at EYFS for future schooling plus everyday living after school. Simply by making psychological and physical development a big element in the lifestyle of children in school you can prepare them for future years. 

EYFS Role Play Furniture Near Me

There is no limit to what children can create when they use their imagination and come up with unique ideas. We also supply EYFS role play furniture incuding picnic benches, story time seating and storage chests. Each of these double up as places for children to sit down and relax, and items which could be used as props or sets for a role playing activity. You could also choose to have a bench with a sheltered roof, and this could be used as a house  or other building for these imaginative games. Look here - to find out how water play equipment can improve your EYFS role play furniture as well as the other games we have available. 

Be sure to let us know if you're interested in any outdoor furniture or playground equipment that we supply. Many products are made from timber so they are durable and long lasting for use in a nursery or school playground. Please fill in the contact form with your details if you'd like to discuss the costs for what we offer.

Role Play Area Ideas KS1

Lots of teachers look for role-play area ideas KS1 children can use to develop fundamental skills in primary school. These activities are perfect for helping young pupils to voice their own ideas and opinions. It also encourages them to understand other people's views and accept different suggestions from friends or classmates. During Key Stage One, many important relationships are formed along with social and emotional development.

If you're creating a playground specifically for KS1 it may include a wooden log trail, wind chimes, a colourful maze plus an activity centre which focuses on solving problems and spoken language games. All these are designed to enhance a range of mental and physical skills through fun games which the children will enjoy. Each game and activitiy can include sensory items which helps develop a child's education and learning during role-play. 

KS2 Pretend Playground Design

The majority of the designs and also specifications of KS1 continue into key stage 2 yet much more are brought to additionally improve growth. You may also include things like learning of numeracy and also literacy throughout games to increase their critical skills even while they play helping them to excel at school.

We can create a KS2 pretend playground design which includes a number of features to use for role playing games. Things like mud kitchens, pirate ships and hobbit houses are often fitted for primary schools closest to you, and we are able to supply these products. If you've got a specific budget in mind for the EYFS role play playground equipment, just let us know and we'll try to keep the costs down as much as possible.

Role Play in Early Years Settings

It is vital to be as innovative as possible in order to help design and create an inventive outdoor playground because it's important children have an opportunity to explore different activities in a safe space. There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to role-play in Early Years settings. Children in nursery and kindergarten can make the most of different toys and outdoor features while learning how to cooperate with others. These activities can include dens which can allow kids to play with others and use their imaginations in the outdoors. 

Developing a surrounding that is fresh and helps to create new chances daily allows for young children to produce key skills and give them a head start in life. The opportunities for this development are limitless and you can continuously change and adapt your playing space to fit the needs of your school and its pupils. If you'd like to acquire more information remember to get in touch with us today by completing our contact form. 

Advantages of Children's Role Play Near Me

There are several advantages of children's role-play during EYFS and primary school. These sorts of activities help kids to learn about communicating with each other and creating their own individual ideas. It also focuses on they key learning outcome of expressive arts and design as it requires creativity and imagination. OFSTED promote all of these prime areas when it comes to outdoor activity in educational settings.

If you're uncertain on the different features your playground requires, it’s recommended that you have a look at various other school playgrounds to determine what will be best for developing EYFS outdoor play. You could choose to install apparatus like monkey bars, climbing frames and fireman’s poles that will improve physical progression in addition to providing a foundation for imaginative role-play, adventure as well as typical play activities. If you want to enhance a space that can help increase social interactions, one option would be to set up a gazebo and an food area with chairs and tables.

Pretend EYFS Kit Installers

We have worked with a number of organisations to provide exciting outdoor equipment for children in Early Years Foundation Stage and over. Our pretend EYFS kit installers can supply and fit a number of imaginative products which will transform your playground into a diverse adventure space. This can create opportunities for socio-dramatic play, fantasy games and drama performances.

Please get in contact with us today for more details on the various costs and specifications. We would be happy to advise you further and help to find the ideal products for your nursery or primary school. Our wide range of role play playground equipment is available in many design options so feel free to let us know exactly what you need.

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