Educational Play Equipment

Educational Play Equipment

If you are looking for educational features for your playground, we have plenty of diverse products to choose from which each focus on a range of important skills.

Exploratory Activity Sets

Exploratory Activity Sets

We can supply several products which allow children to explore different materials and objects, these include sand boxes, water tables and mud kitchens.

Children's Phonics Games

Children's Phonics Games

Phonics is an important part of helping children to read and write, and we can fit colourful phonics shapes to your playground surface for use with a number of activities.

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Educational Play Equipment

We are expert suppliers of educational play equipment which is perfect for school and nursery playgrounds. These consist of a number of different products which are designed to help children with learning subjects such as maths, phonics, communication and emotional development. Some of our most popular items include sand boxes, activity panels, water tables and colourful playground markings. All of these can be used for many activities and games, helping children to learn as they play during nursery or school.

Please get in touch with us today for more information on our diverse product selection. We have equipment for a variety of subjects and learning outcomes so don't hesitate to ask if you want something in particular. Just complete the quick enquiry form on this page and we'll get back to you with more details on the costs.

Outdoor Learning Ideas

We can provide you with many outdoor learning ideas if you are looking to create a more educational play equipment. You could choose to have colourful floor markings which come in a variety of interesting designs. These can include letters, numbers, maps, planets and plenty of others graphics which promote learning through fun activities.

One of the most popular playground features that we install is a trim trail. These are perfect for schools that do not have a lot of room as they present you with a number of components which can enhance many different mental and physical skills. Having a range of different features on a playground is a good idea since it allows young children to build up different skills within the school day. On the other hand, as this is not always required, there are many ways an educational facility can get the most from even the smallest space with various different spending budgets.

We want to help children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to better their learning as well as grow and develop with key skills through playing outside. Our team can help design the perfect recreational area for your school following OFSTED guidelines for outdoor learning and educational play. We also offer outdoor classrooms which allow youngsters to be outside whilst learning new skills. 

Phonics Games Near Me

Literacy is a key part of children's learning from Early Years Foundation Stage into primary and secondary school. You may find out more information regarding literacy here - to see how it can improve your EYFS educational development. It is important to incorporate language and communication into everyday play activities to ensure that kids develop a full understanding. This is often done through phonics games which focus on teaching children to read and write by identifying sounds in different words. Taking these lessons outside creates a more interactive environment, making learning much more effective. You can include a choice of different activities which kids will enjoy doing, and this also helps them to take in more information.

You could have floor markings for different sounds like 'ee', 'oo', 'ch' along with letters and simple words. Equipment like sand boxes and water tables may be used to hide pebbles with phonics written on them. This then creates an educational game where the kids have to find the right sounds or words by searching through the sand or water. Outdoor educational play equipment and activity boards closest to you and your surrounding area can also be used for playing a variety of phonics games outlined by OFSTED for Early Years, KS1 and KS2.

Feel free to get in contact with us today if you'd like some more advice on various products we supply for phonics games. We'd be happy to discuss the prices for each item and help you to decide which ones would be best for your local nursery or school near me. 

Exploratory Play Activities

Many teachers conduct exploratory play activities in the playground which allow kids to learn by exploring different objects. Products used for this include tunnel and channelling sets, building blocks, sand pits and mud play kitchens. All of these are used by children to discover a range of materials and textures, as well as seeing how each material moves and feels.

Activities like this encourage kids to explore and discover new things and develop their understanding of the world. It also helps them to learn about natural processes like the flow of water, plant growth in soil, and digging for shells in sand. There are endless possibilities when it comes to discovery based learning in the nearby playground, and you could adapt each piece of educational play equipment to whatever you want.

A lot of the designs and requirements of key stage 1 continue into key stage 2 however many more are brought to additionally make improvements to development. You may also incorporate learning of numeracy and also literacy during playtime to better their functional skills even as they play which helps them concentrate better in lessons. Whether you are looking to improve educational indoors or outdoors, we are able to offer framework which can offer your facility a place in which can learn whilst being sheltered. 

Playground Maths Games

Activities with numbers are also very popular in play areas, and we supply plenty of equipment to use with educational playground maths games. You could have hopscotch markings applied to the floor, along with interactive game boards and even role play shops. Using these, kids can learn about the different numbers and start to understand basic counting skills. If they are playing as a shopkeeper, someone might ask them for a certain number of items, and they would have to count out how many are needed. Other features such as number snakes marked onto the floor surface are also great for playing a number of playground maths games.

Diverse learning is the best way to produce confident, balanced young individuals and allow them to have the best start in life. The opportunities for this installation are endless and you may continuously alter and modify the playing area to fit the needs of your school and pupils. We can supply a wide selection of products which you will be able to customise to suit your budget and the design you would like to have. If you are looking to improve outdoor curriculum learning for OFSTED, these different features offer a range of benefits.

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