Creative Play Activities

Creative Play Activities

We offer a range of equipment which is ideal for creative activities in school and nursery playgrounds, these include art boards, den making kits and building blocks.

Creativity Playground Equipment

Creativity Playground Equipment

Developing a creativity playground is great for helping kids to use their imaginations to create different things using a range of materials and features.

Expressive Arts Activities

Expressive Arts Activities

Children should be able to express themselves in a number of ways on the playground, we supply equipment like role play sets, drama stages and storytelling areas for these activities.

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Creative Play Activities

Many schools and nurseries are looking to improve creative play activities and we supply diverse equipment for this. Developing creativity is an important part of childhood, and there are plenty of ways for kids to play creatively and use their own ideas. This could be through painting, making up songs, role play games, building blocks and many other activities. These are all beneficial for EYFS as well as KS1 and KS2 pupils when developing a range of unique skills.

Please get in touch with our helpful team today if you need some more advice about the costs for our products. We will get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your budget and help you choose the right items for your facility. Just let us know if you've got any ideas for the design and we'll do our best to provide the right equipment for you.

What is Creative Play?

Creative play activites is any kind of activity which focuses on self expression and allows children to use their own ideas and imagination. This can involve creating stories, drawing pictures, making music and lots of other activities where kids are free to express themselves however they like. This is a key part of Early Years development and remains important into primary school and even later in life. 

There are lots of play activities that children can do at nursery and school using different pieces of creative equipment and media. OFSTED strongly recommend this type of learning as it has many benefits for EYFS and primary school children. We can supply various items for local playgrounds closest to you including musical instruments, role play shops, pirate ships, creativity boards and drama stages. Each of these has a variety of uses and kids can decide exactly how they want to use them. Find out more about the play equipment for EYFS including mud kitchens here - to see how they can work for you. 

Children's Creativity Playgrounds Near Me

We have loads of design options available when it comes to children's creativity playgrounds in your surrounding area. These facilities help to improve abilities such as critical thinking and problem solving as well as verbal skills. A number of different products can be used on these facilities, including imaginative surface designs which encourage kids to use their ideas. Den making kits are commonly chosen as there are plenty of ways to use these, and the children can build whatever structure they like.

Feel free to contact us today if you've got any questions about the products and services we provide. One of our experts can talk you through the costs for this work and help you decide on the right features for your playground. Just complete the enquiry form today and we'll get back in touch as soon as we can. 

Benefits of Creative Play

There are many benefits of creative play when it comes to learning and physical fitness. Taking part in activities using building blocks, art boards and sand pits will help pupils to develop cognitive skills in addition to being sociable with others. Each child is able to voice their opinions and ideas, and this helps them learn how to accept suggestions and let everyone have a fair turn. Making up dances and drama performances also improves physical fitness as the kids will be active and dancing around the playground. Find out more about active games and activities here - to see how they can work well for your EYFS facility. 

Musical instruments could also be added as part of a sensory play facilit and these could be used for making up songs. Pupils could make music on their own or in groups and have as much creativity as they like. Activities like this have many benefits as some children may find that they enjoy using a particular musical instrument and decide to take this up as a hobby.

EYFS Expressive Art

Another of the popular creative play activities is EYFS expressive art, and this generally involves drama and role playing activities. It can also include painting, arts and crafts, and building different things in a range of designs. Allowing nearby pupils to make up stories and act as characters is a great way to let them use creativity and have fun as well. We are able to supply equipment for role playing such as shops, pirate ships, post offices and a number of other activity panels.

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Please speak to us today if you would like a price for any of the equipment or products that we supply. It is important for schools, nurseries and other facilities to let children use the creativity and offer individual ideas when playing. Learning and having fun outside is a great way to develop this skill and also make it enjoyable. Just fill in the contact form and one of our team will get back to you to discuss creative play activities for your school or nursery. There may be loads of options to choose from so don't hesitate to let us know if you've got any specific requirements.


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