EYFS Active Play Equipment

EYFS Active Play Equipment

We supply many different types of playground equipment to help keep children active and develop important physical skills in Early Years.

Physical Activity Playgrounds

Physical Activity Playgrounds

Products like trim trails, climbing frames and monkey bars can all be fitted to help kids with developing muscle strength while enjoying the fun games and gaining social skills.

Early Years Active Learning

Early Years Active Learning

Learning through practical activities is a great way to help children retain information, and there is plenty of equipment which can encourage this and make play times more beneficial.

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EYFS Active Play Equipment

Being physically fit and healthy is very important in the early stages of life, so we supply EYFS active play equipment to ensure children get enough activity. Outdoor facilities in nurseries and schools can sometimes have a lack of facilities which means kids aren't inspired to do fun activities. With our diverse products, you could transform a plain area into an exciting and educational play space. Things like climbing frames, monkey bars, trim trails and jungle gyms are all available to help give your pupils a chance to be much more active.

For more details on our full set of products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts today. Just complete the quick contact box on this page and we'll get back to you with all the advice you need.

Early Years Active Learning

Playing outside has many benefits for health and cognitive development, so we want to help make your playground as fun as possible. When it comes to Early Years active learning, many different features could be supplied to encourage the development of physical skills. If you are unsure on the various features your playground will require, it is recommended that you check out other schools' outdoor areas to see what would be ideal for you. These products generally focus on physical skills and development, helping children to stay active through the day.

For those who have a lot of space you might use different pieces of equipment to target specific skills across the playground. You could have classic play area equipment such as slides, monkey bars http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/monkey-bars/ and trim trails that improve fitness and allow children to enhance coordination, control and movement. If you would like to create a space which will help boost social relationships in EYFS it may be a good idea to build a gazebo and an eating area with tables and chairs.

Primary School Activity Areas

We have a large range of products designed for children of different ages, from KS1 and KS2 to make certain they develop appropriately at the correct age. If you’re building primary school activity areas specifically for KS1 then these might include a wooden log trail, colourful floor graphics, storytime seating and many other features. You can choose from a number of products which are designed to help with children's development as well as being fun and enjoyable activities.

A lot of this equipment can also be appropriate for KS2 learning as it can further improve growth in these aspects. You could also include learning of numeracy and literacy during play time to improve their critical skills through fun games. Hopscotch and letter snakes could be printed onto the playground flooring for kids to jump and run around on. This means they are being physically active as well as learning about the letters and numbers. You may find out more about these products by filling in our contact form to speak with an expert today.

Active Playground Games Near Me

As active playground game specialists we are able to supply equipment such as calisthenics http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/equipment/calisthenics/ which can improve how youngsters play and develop in their surrounding . It is important that children of all ages have the ability to be active and use all their energy during their free time. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the physical equipment we offer closest to you. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Physical Playground Equipment

One of the most common pieces of physical playground equipment http://www.eyfsplay.co.uk/outcomes/physical/ is a trim trail, and these are available in many sizes and shapes. Nearby trim trails are a fantastic way of enhancing a array of critical skills like balance, agility and strength as children have to climb up and traverse across rope bridges and wooden planks. These can be installed with a number of components to fit with any size restrictions you may have in the area. Getting different stations inside an outdoor play area is effective since this provides children with more opportunities for adventure and development of more physical skills.

If you don't have a big space to work with, there are lots of ways you can get the most from even the smallest space with an assortment of different budgets. By choosing the right EYFS active play equipment, you'll be able to encourage children to take part in activities and become healthier. Even children who may not be very active will be able to get involved in activity with climbing frames shaped like castles or boats, end enjoy the imaginative side of play. We think it's important to work with children which are in their EYFS to build important life skills for future years through the variety of play area features we have available.

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